Custom wooden garages

Until recently, a metal garage next to a house was a most common view. Quite often, the structure wasn’t even fixed to the ground. Fortunately, Polish taste is evolving into a more sophisticated one. We want not only beautiful houses, but also aesthetic and stunning garages. A wooden garage stands for prestige, safety, and comfort.

Tatra House Novum offers a wide variety of forms. You can choose from a fully closed hangars, carports, and sheds.

Perhaps it’s worth considering an additional utility room, storage (e.g. for an extra set of car wheels or bikes), woodshed, or tool shop.

We custom-design and develop a single or double garage.

Our garages are covered with flat, shed, or gable roofs. We leave the choice of the gate up to you: canopy, retractable, sectional, roller, or hinged door. Of course, windows or additional side door don’t pose a problem to our specialists. The attic in your garage may be adapted for storage. It’ll be a perfect space to hide items you don’t want to part with or put away less often used objects.

The time needed for construction and assembly of a wooden garage is far shorter than in the case of a brick garage. The energy-efficiency of a wooden building is yet another advantage. I n a metal garage, it’s very cold in the winter, while in the summer – it’s stuffy and hot. Excellent insulation properties of wood allow significant reduction in the impact of outer temperature on the comfort of use.

A wooden garage is a pride of every household. That’s why people who appreciate aesthetics above all other aspects chose these garages. They may be easily and quickly given an individual form by applying a particular style, colour scheme, type of timber, or roof cladding (ceramic tile, shingle, roofing felt etc.). They outmatch matal garages in every way.

We don’t restrict your imagination in any way. Tell us what you and your car dream of...