Let us make your dream of a new house, garage, or garden alcove come true.

It’s no coincidence that you have come across our website. Clients with sophisticated taste keep talking about us. We specialized in construction and development of wooden houses, garages, and garden alcoves exclusively. We don’t offer everything, but whatever we do – we do it to a tee, for both your satisfaction and ours. Feel free to explore our website and discover what we have prepared for you.

We all love being surrounded with beautiful objects ingenious in their simplicity. We tend to return to what is natural. This trend is also present in the construction industry.

For me, as the owner of Tatra House Novum, what counts the most, beside the design and construction according to the highest standards, it’s the emotion evoked by our wooden houses, garden alcoves, or even garages, in our Customers. Thousands of hours I have spent with Customers have taught me to listen carefully to their dreams in order to turn them into tangible reality – reality that often goes beyond the boldest expectations.

To all of us, our home is one of the key elements of life. This is where we spend most our time relating after a hard day’s work. It is the place we long for and cannot wait to return to, even if we are on a most pleasant vacation. This is where we bring up our children, host friends and celebrate joyful moments. Thus, it is ever so important to be able to fall in love with your home for the rest of your life.

Despite the simplicity characteristic of module houses, construction and development requires extensive knowledge. Having been developing wooden buildings since 1993 in over a dozen countries and various climatic zones, I have acquired the expertise and experience and I am most willing to share it with you. Even if you are still considering whether to have a house build or not, I will be glad to answer all your questions, remove the doubts and explain all the technicalities.

I will be honoured to be able to help make your dreams come true.
Stanisław Nawalaniec

International experience

Since 1993, we have been building wooden houses all over Europe. Dozens of projects we have completed guarantee your satisfaction.

Only the highest standards

You can rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe. We employ on safe technologies and the highest standards.

Sturdy and fast

You won’t have to wait for your dream house long. A modular construction allows us to build a safe and sturdy house in no time.

Environmental-friendly and Energy-efficient solutions

The factors that count most in the 21st century are proximity of nature and efficient use of raw materials. We know this well enough. Our houses are 100% environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

Wow your neighbours

Thanks to our modern design and layout, your home will stands out. There are plenty of wooden houses on the market. Yours will be a piece of art making you and everyone else sight with admiration.

... because your well-being is our top-priority

Houses made entirely out of wood are the most favourable for your health and ensure unique living conditions. In such a home, you can truly relax.

Our offer

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a house made of wood flammable?

Flammability of wooden houses is only a myth. Since the entire frame structure of the house is clad with fully inflammable rock or glass fibre wool, setting such a house on fire would be quite a challenge. What is more – inside extremely airtight walls, there’s no oxygen required to keep fire going. Also remember that beams used in the structure undergo such processes as planning and smoothing on all surfaces. There’s no splinters, loose fibres, jagged or rough edges that could catch fire.

A timber-framed (modular) house is characterised by durability similar to glulam beam structures. What is more, timber-framed houses can be built fast and without unnecessary delays.

There are plenty of options. Cladding boards are popular as they amplify the visual effect of a traditional wooden house. We can also apply standard plaster. Well-dried wood and sturdy joins ensure that there will be no cracks on the plastered surfaces.

It’s yet another myth. Cracking walls result from defects in a building’s structure, not from the material used. Well-dried wood and proper joins of structural elements ensure crack-free walls. While erecting a modular house, keep in mind that drywall and OSB walls play an important structural function besides their finishing role.

Timber used in Tatra House Novum structures is only of Scandinavian origin.

Not at all. Wooden houses excel in cost-efficient heating. In a modular house, only the furniture is heated before the air reaches the set temperature. In brick houses, also the bricks must be heated first. That makes a dramatic difference and translates into cost and time... Additionally, wooden walls are characterised by a very low thermal capacity. You will appreciate this after a long outing. Even if the heating system is off for long periods of time, a wooden house gets warm again very fast. That’s why wooden houses are so popular in Scandinavia where winters are severe.

You aren’t limited to any set of technologies. A fireplace, natural gas, heating oil, LPG or pellets – each method will work. You can also choose electric systems or a heat pump.

Of course. If you wish, we can make your wooden house look exactly like that. The ceilings may remain wooden or be clad with drywall. The wall may be clad with both wood panelling and drywall. If you don’t like exposed wood in your interiors, we can hide it all.

Your dreams may come true in a very short period of time. The entire manufacturing and assembly process takes several months. This is far less than in traditional brick houses.

No, you don’t need your own blueprints. Tatra House Novum offers a selection of designs. Perhaps you will find your dream house among them. We will be glad to build a house according to blueprints provided by your architect.